Stacy Van Hoosier


                     Transitional Life Coach


Stacy started a new career as a Life Coach after transitioning on many levels professionally and personally. Her true passion is empowering and developing others to identify their true potential and using creativity to accomplish goals. Her goal is to guide you in making peace with and enjoy your uniqueness through life transitions and identify who you are and what you're meant to do. WHO AM I? Let's find your Life Purpose, Goals, Dreams and Aspirations.


Plan of Action

Stacy has extensive experience in leadership and has spent many years working with others to identify their ability to step outside of their comfort zone that is unique to their personality. Over the years Stacy built team comrade and development abilities for others and assisted them in personal and professional advancement.

Educationally, Stacy pursued her Master's Degree In Management  with a focus on Leadership. Coaching and Mentoring has been her passion for many years and after graduating decided to become a Life Coach, continuing her commitment to working with others to find their Life Purpose.